cutting through the crap...

with illustrations by Chris Riddell.

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Politics Chris Riddell


 Politics - Cutting Through The Crap

 (with illustrations by Chris Riddell)

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No jargon, no spin and no bad suits. Welcome to a humorous,

 confrontational - and entirely biased - guide to modern politics.

Based partly on questionaire responses from UK teenagers,

Cutting Through The Crap is a guide to politics for people who

don't really like politics. If you want to know how the system

works without having to listen to all those grey politicians in t

heir grey suits talking in long-winded sentences then this book

is for you.


Ever wondered why the USA should include itself as an enemy

in the war on terror? Wanna find out who supplied Saddam

Hussein with the chemicals he used to kill people? Or why Tony

Blair and his mates allow the rich to avoid paying taxes whilst t

hey stick it to the rest of us?


How about schools that segregate young people according to

their religion or teach their pupils that Adam and Eve is

scientific fact? And exactly why do politicians answer one

question with the answer to another, entirely different question?


From Parliament, parties and voting to race, asylum, Iraq and

everything in between, this book tells it like it is...if you think like

me, that is. Not that it doesn't contain the facts. Every source,

every quote, every figure is checkable. But don't believe what I

tell you. Get angry and get an opinion and make those lazy

monkeys in Parliament earn their money for a change.


Not suitable for Politicians.

Blair War Criminal